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Wireless High Voltage Phasing Tester

The wireless high voltage phasing tester (two probe tester)  will check the 3 phase HV lines are of in-phase, out-of phase and phase angle measurements. The wireless technique will assist in high voltage isolation between the HV sensor unit and the detection display unit for better visualization, HV safety and high raise height OH lines for high voltage levels up to 765kV.
Technical specifications
Model name VoltHot_Wireless_Phasing_Tester_Series
Functionalities In & Out of phase indication, Phase angle
Voltage levels 230V to 765kV
Functional modes

Voltage Measurement

In-phase identification

Out of phase identification

Self test

Phase angle measurement 0, 120, 240 & D/Y 30 (Degrees)

Phasing of OH & URD high voltage lines 11kV to 765kV and low voltage lines

Accuracy +/- 20% on voltage, (Contact)
+/- 30% on voltage, (Non contact), Phase angle +/-1%
(Electric Field Technology sensor systems, HV isolation between the sensor & detection display with wireless technology)
Wireless 2.4GHz, ZigBee Technology RF,
Communication Distance 80 feet, Tr. power
Test before touch functionality Self test diagnosis and Test before touch source
Tester response time < 1 second
Operating frequency 40Hz to 65Hz
Battery voltage 9V (Duracell)
Low battery indication < 6V
Sleep mode time Sleep mode when detecting voltage not present for 15 minutes and immediate active mode when detecting voltage present.
Tester display indication

Voltage magnitude display –

In–phase identification - LED & Buzzer indication

Out-of-phase identification - LED & Buzzer indication

Overall length 250mm (Sensing probes – two nos.)

Overall diameter 110mm X length 100mm (Plastic housing for PCB).

Insulated telescopic probe length 20 feet (Can be extended)

(3 feet length insulated handler to be put on to detector)

(Necessary length insulated hot stick to be put based on voltage level as per standards IEC 61243-1 and OSHA)


Meter probe weight Approx. 2.7kg (including insulated telescopic probe)

Reference probe weight Approx. 2.0kg (Insulated telescopic probe)

Product standard IEC 61243-1, IEC 61481

Distance between probes

50 feet (Communication wireless distance)
Operating temperature -100C to +600C
Storage temperature -200C to +600C
Humidity 25% RH to 96% RH
Water resistant Yes
Reliability (warranty) 3000 hours operations
Service support & calibration Yes
  • Prototype initial concept development is under progress.
  • Single probe phase angle tester initial concept development is under progress.
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