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Electrical life safety products

We specialize in test meter and measurement category of  "Electrical Life Safety products" such as "High Voltage Detector", "Proximity Voltage Detector","Personal Voltage Detector", "Insulator Tester" and "Phasing Tester" which are used during maintenance and service (hotline & offline) of HV transmission and distribution power systems network. We design, develop and manufacture them in India, Bangalore.

High Voltage Detector (Contact or Proximity)

  • Confirms the status of line whether "live or dead" or any induced voltage in electrical power system. This product can operate on both "contact" or "non contact (Proximity voltage detection)" mode.
  • Determines approximate voltage magnitude of the line in order to take decision whether the line voltage is as per system voltage or induced voltage (line dead) or voltage drop due to over loading.

Telescopic Probe High Voltage Detector

  • Confirms the status of line whether "live or dead" or any induced voltage in electrical power system.
  • The non contact insulated telescopic probe at voltage sensing position can be used on LT lines & HT lines up to 33kV and the detector is at handle position.

Personal Voltage Detector

  • Alerts or warns maintenance personnel when proceeding towards LT/HT power lines and switchyards.

High Voltage Probe

  • High voltage probe/divider is a part of voltage measuring device in high voltage (HV) systems where it senses the high voltage by direct contact and drop it to the low voltage and sends to the measuring meter APM/DPM /CRO for AC/DC high voltage measurement and in case of impulse voltage (lightning, switching surges) will send to the oscilloscope (CRO).

HV Line Insulator Tester - Live line

  • Identifies the health of the insulator string disc whether faulty or over stressed or in good condition.

HV Line Insulator Tester - Offline

  • Tests the faulty single insulator disc or insulator string disc whether punctured/surface flash over during offline conditions in power distribution HV & LV lines.

HV Phasing Tester

  • Identifies different three phase lines in electrical substation whether they are in-phase or out-of-phase .

Hotline Tools Leakge Current Detector

  • The high voltage insulated hot line tools or hotstick will be used for hotline maintenance/service of HV line , the leakage current exceeding will be detected by the specially designed voltage  detector during the online (live line) operations.
  • The HV  insulated hotline tools  will be service tested  for proof test voltage (leakage current measurement) in 6months or 1 year time period  by Offline method.  During Online operations the leakage current may exceed the limit value. Using the voltage detector shows the leakage current indication when exceeds the set values..

Plug In Type High Voltage Detector

  • This high voltage detector(HVD) can affix (plug in) to any type of insulated HV hot stick (live line tool) before starting the maintenance works and check the HT & LT line status (Off, Live or Induced voltage any) through indication of LED & Buzzer. HVD can be removed (Plug out) from the hot stick and then the hot stick can be used for normal functionality in the maintenance/service.

HV Hot Stick Tester

  • Testing the hot sticks before maintenance operation – to know its healthiness by estimating the leakage current.

HV Test Source

  • HV detectors and testers are tested by "HV test source" before using them on HV lines. It's also called "Test before touch device".

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