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HV insulated hot line tools  online leakage current indication by detector - Audio & Visual

  • The high voltage insulated hot line tools or hotstick will be used for hotline maintenance/service of HV line , the leakage current exceeding will be detected by the specially designed voltage  detector during the online (live line) operations.
  • The HV  insulated hotline tools  will be service tested  for proof test voltage (leakage current measurement) in 6months or 1 year time period  by Offline method.  During Online operations the leakage current may exceed the limit value. Using the voltage detector shows the leakage current indication when exceeds the set values..
Technical specifications
Model name VoltHot_HS_LC_VD_Series
Functionalities Voltage detection by hot stick contact
Voltage levels 10V to 1000V
Functional modes

Leakage current – rise in voltage (10V-1000V)

Self test

Applications HV insulated hot stick or hot line tools online leakage current exceeds limits indications
Accuracy Electric Field Technology sensor systems basis
Test before touch functionality Self test diagnosis and Test before touch source
Detector response time < 1 second
Operating frequency 40Hz to 65Hz
Battery voltage 3V
Low battery indication < 2V
Sleep mode time Sleep mode when detecting voltage not present  and immediate active mode when detecting voltage present.
Detection Indication LED intermittent display & Buzzer audible

Overall length 60mm

Overall width 30mm

Overall depth 25mm

(Pen size with tag to hold at wrist of operator)
Weight Approx.  0.1kg
Product standard IEC 61243-1
Operating temperature -100C to +600C
Storage temperature -200C to +600C
Humidity 25% RH to 96% RH
Water resistant Yes
Reliability (warranty) 3000 hours operations
Service support & calibration Yes
  • Prototype concept development test is under progress
  • Innovation disclosure filing for India Patent is under process.

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