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High Voltage Probe- 5kV (VHT-HVP-5K)

The high voltage probe can measure the voltages up to 5kV peak AC, DC and impulse (surge) voltages.

Technical specifications

Voltage rating 5kV AC , DC, impulse (Peak values)
Voltage tolerance range +/-1% to +/-3%
Voltage ratio 1:1000 ( 1V shows in meter corresponds to 1000V)
Power rating < 3W
Dimensions Overall length 150mm, Diameter 25mm

The measuring meter or equipment APM/DPM /CRO shall have > 10MΩ input resistance

If the measuring meter /device have < 10 MΩ input/internal resistance, the correction factor (CF) to be added if internal resistance, 2M , the CF = 1.005

1MΩ , the CF = 1.01

0.5 MΩ , the CF = 1.02

0.1 MΩ the CF = 1.1

0.01MΩ , the CF = 2.0


Prototype concept development test is under progress

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