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High Voltage Probe - HV Measurement

High voltage probe/divider is a part of voltage measuring device in high voltage (HV) systems where it senses the high voltage by direct contact and drop it to the low voltage and sends to the measuring meter AVM/DVM /CRO for AC/DC high voltage measurement and in case of impulse voltage (lightning, switching surges) will send to the oscilloscope (CRO).

High voltage probe technical specifications

Model name VoltHot_VD_HVP_Series
Functionalities Voltage sensing by direct contact with HV
Voltage levels 0.5kV to 50kV Peak (product range)
Voltage tolerance range +/-1% to +/-3%  (product range)
Functional modes AC, DC and Impulse (Lightning, Switching surges)
Applications High voltage measurements in AC, DC and Impulse (Lightning, Switching surges)
Operating frequency AC, DC and Impulse
Dimensions Overall length 150mm to 400mm (Sensing probe), Overall diameter 25mm  (product range)
Power consumption < 7W (product range max.)
Weight Approx. 0.3 kg (product range max.)
Product standard IEC 60060, IEC 61010
Operating duty Continuous
Over voltage rating 1.2 times of rated for 1min
Operating temperature -100C to +600C
Storage temperature -200C to +600C
Humidity 25% RH to 96% RH
Water resistant Yes
Reliability (warranty) 5 years
Service support Yes


  • The high voltage probe or divider has the stray capacitance effect shielding.
  • The high voltage protection is provided at the low voltage side of the probe.
  • The HV probe terminal shielded cable of lead length 0.5m to 1m.
  • The common terminal (ground terminal) lead will be common to HV source ground & measuring meter common point (ground) terminal.

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