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High Voltage Line Phasing Tester

Identifies different three phase HV lines in electrical substation whether they are in-phase or out-of-phase.
Technical specifications (Analog and Digital versions)
Model name VoltHot_Phasing_Tester_Series
Functionalities Voltage measurement and In & Out of phase indication
Voltage levels 230V to 33kV
Functional modes

Voltage Measurement


Out of phase

Self test

Phasing of OH & URD high voltage lines 11kV to 33kV and low voltage lines

Accuracy +/- 3%   (Analog), +/- 2% (digital) on voltage
Voltage hold (digital) Displayed voltage is hold for 2 minutes
Test before touch functionality Self test diagnosis and Test before touch source
Tester response time < 1 second
Operating frequency 40Hz to 65Hz
Battery voltage 9V (Duracell)
Low battery indication < 6V
Auto shut off time 15 minutes after last operation.
Display indication

Voltage magnitude display – APM and DPM respectively.

In–phase identification - LED & Buzzer indication

Out-of-phase identification - LED & Buzzer indication

Overall length 250mm (Sensing probes – two nos.)

Overall diameter 120mm X length 100mm (Plastic housing for PCB).

Probes space – connecting 10ft cable extendable up to 15 ft.

(Necessary length insulated hot stick to be put based on voltage level as per standards IEC 61243-1 and OSHA)


(excluding hot stick)

Approx. 1.2kg (analog)

Approx. 1.1kg (digital)

Product standard IEC 61243-1, IEC 61481
Operating temperature -100C to +600C
Storage temperature -200C to +600C
Humidity 25% RH to 96% RH
Water resistant Yes
Reliability (warranty) 3000 hours operations
Service support & calibration Yes

This product also available in Non contact insulated telescopic probe.

Two versions of HV phasing tester of the product:

  • Telescopic hot stick - detector at HV sensing position and hot stick at handle position
  • Telescopic probe - detector at handle position and probe at HV sensing position for voltage levels 100V – 20kV (P-G)
  • Insulated telescopic hot stick of length 18 feet will be supplied along with HV line Phasing tester purchase.
  • Prototype concept development test is under progress
  • Innovation disclosure filing for India Patent is under process
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