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Grounding Jumper Cable Tester

  • The grounding jumper cable will be used by the electrical maintenance persons when they do the maintenance or service wok on the electrical substation equipments, these jumper cable will be connected to the non energized electrical line to the ground as a safety precaution.
  • The grounding jumper cable shall be tested before using it in each time for the rated current carrying capacity using the low voltage and high current testing source (tester).

Current rating 700A, 0.5min ON  & 10 Mins OFF. Weight 25kgs.

Compliance to ASTM F2249

AC VOLTAGE  and Current  

Input                                                     100 – 250 V, 50/60 Hz

Voltage Output                 0.00 – 5 V

Amperage Meter Range               1-to-700A (+/- 1%)

Volt Drop Meter Range 0.01-to-5V (+/- 1%)

VMA measuring capability:          .000 – 1.999


Fused Input:                                      15 or 20A max  

Peak Current Output:    0 - 700   A

Protection: Thermal


  • Prototype initial concept development is under progress