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High Voltage Line Insulator String Disc Tester - Live line

Identifies the health of the insulator string disc whether faulty or over stressed or in good condition.
Technical specifications (Analog and Digital versions)
Model name VoltHot_Insulator_Disc_Tester_Series
Functionalities Voltage measurement and faulty & over stress indication -Live line
Voltage levels Up to 25kV (across disc)
Functional modes Voltage Measurement
Faulty disc (Under kV)
Overstress disc (Over kV)
Self test
Applications HV lines & Switchyards 11kV to 765kV - Insulator strings

+/- 3%   (Analog), +/- 2% (digital) on voltage

Faulty & overstressed disc identification with good technology system

Voltage hold (digital) Displayed voltage is hold for 2 minutes
Test before touch functionality Self test diagnosis and Test before touch source
Tester response time < 1 second
Operating frequency 40Hz to 65Hz
Battery voltage 9V (Duracell)
Low battery indication < 6V
Auto shut off time 15 minutes after last operation.
Display indication

Voltage magnitude display – APM and DPM respectively.

Faulty disc identification - LED & Buzzer indication

Overstress disc identification - LED & Buzzer indication
Operation time <5 minutes

Overall length 250mm (Sensing probes – two nos.)

Overall diameter 120mm X length 100mm (Plastic housing for PCB).

Overall width 300mm (two probes space –connecting across disc)

(Necessary length insulated hot stick to be put based on voltage level as per standards IEC 61243-1 and OSHA)


(excluding hot stick)

Approx. 1.1kg (analog)

Approx. 1.0kg (digital)

Product standard IEC 61243-1, IEC 61481
Operating temperature -100C to +600C
Storage temperature -200C to +600C
Humidity 25% RH to 96% RH
Water resistant Yes
Reliability (warranty) 3000 hours operations
Service support & calibration Yes
  • Insulated telescopic hot stick of length 18 feet will be supplied along with HV line insulator tester purchase.
  • Prototype concept development test is under progress.
  • Innovation disclosure filing for India Patent is under process.
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