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 The company is located at Bangalore, India. Founded on date August 2012, to develop the electrical life safety products in service and maintenance field of electrical power sector high voltage line utility domain. We design, develop and manufacture "High Voltage(HV) Detectors or Testers", "Proximity Voltage Detectors (PVD)","Personal Voltage Detectors (Personal safety proximity voltage detector or sensor)", "HV Insulator Testers","HV Phasing Testers" and "High Voltage Probe for HV measurements" in the test meter and measurement category of electrical life safety products. These products are used during maintenance and service operation of high voltage line (hotline & offline) in generation, transmission and distribution power systems high voltage line utility domain. We are developing the analog & digital electronics based electrical life safety products for sensing, processing and monitoring the high voltages as a diagnostic  high voltage detectors / testers.

Mission, vision and core values

Electrical life safety products


The electrical power generation, transmission & distribution system HV devices needs to undergo periodic maintenance, service and repair works. In order to carry out these works, it requires diagnosing tools/testers called "High Voltage Detector" and "Phasing Testing Meter". These testers detects & indicates whether the high voltage(HV) line is "live(ON) or dead(OFF)" and also some times needs to know voltage magnitude. It serves the purpose of very critical safety of the utility personnel who handle these kinds of work by providing proper information and take safety protection. Based on these tool diagnosis, decision will be taken whether to carry out work on HV line/systems or not.

The high voltage detector and the phasing meter diagnostic tools can be used on high voltage lines to detect & indicate-

  • The status of the HV line is "live or dead" or any induced voltage and magnitude of the voltage levels.
  • Identifying the multiple voltage ratings of HV lines in the substation/switchyards.
  • Voltage regulation at different locations of the lines.
  • Phasing and interconnections of the HV lines of three phase system.

These testers/meters facilitate carrying out of maintenance, service and repair works.

We have carried out electric potential & field simulation computational work for the HV line to understand the electric field & potential distribution over the distance from the HV line to line and to the ground, this will facilitate the reliable design of the electrical life safety products High Voltage Detector, Personal Voltage detector and Hot line tools.

The products simulations & engineering information are available in the website "Technology" section.


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